Jam'it Hobb

by Zeinab Hijazi

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Zeinab Hijazi – Jam’it Hobb

Zeinab started her passion project Jam’it Hobb (جمعة حب) after realizing that youth in Nabatieh did not have a safe and affordable hangout, one which promotes upcycling and recycling and caters to all budgets. 


Nestled in the heart of nature, Jam’it Hobb offers guests traditional Lebanese cuisine, as well as the option to rent a table and bring their own food, games, etc…


Zeinab sources her raw food items from women and farmers in the surrounding villages, she’s also upcycled all her furniture, and taken care of the decor herself, with love.


While her business is currently seasonal, Zeinab has big plans to start a guest house, which she has taken strides towards. 


After coming in second at Jawa2ez GIL in 2021, and along with revenue she generated throughout the summer, Zeinab is already well on her way towards yet another successful summer season.


Zeinab is part of the Generation of Innovation Leaders program, powered by UNICEF Lebanon, and funded by the Government of the Netherlands and The Andan Foundation.

Watch the video below to learn more about Zeinab’s enterprise and journey through the Generation of Innovation Leaders program.

Zeinab Hijazi, Founder of Jam’it Hobb, Nabatieh, Lebanon.