Souvenir Spirit

by Jana Zeineddine

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Souvenir Spirit by Jana

Jana Zeineddine comes from the southern town of Safad El Battikh in Nabatiyeh, a town known for its picturesque nature, which Jana loves, and its inaccessibility, which can make it difficult for a nineteen-year-old to move around freely.

Jana is studying biology and chemistry at the Lebanese University in neighboring Nabatiyeh. Like many young women her age, she’s starting to explore life, make new friends, and grow her social circle.

Jana learned about the Generation of Innovation Leaders program, GIL, through university, she decided to join to meet new people, improve her CV, and gain a certificate.

Little did she know that the program would eventually offer an answer to one of her generation’s biggest challenges in the area. Finding good quality, affordable gifts.

Jana’s project, Souvenir Spirit, was quickly accepted by coaches through the pitching phase, and with newly acquired skills in communication, pricing, and promotion, Jana felt confident she would be able to launch her project successfully.

To keep her prices down, Jana uses recycled material, wood, and candles.

Thus far, Jana's project has surpassed her expectations.

So much so, that she’s planning on adding chocolate, wedding and event decoration in the very near future.

GIL is a program powered by UNICEF Lebanon, and is designed to address the high unemployment rates among youth across Lebanon and their lack of access to the knowledge economy.

The program helps disadvantaged youth nationwide in building entrepreneurial, employability and digital capacities to enable them to attain better career opportunities and become self-sustaining, income-generating members of society.

GIL operates nationwide through physical Innovation Labs and partnerships with local stakeholders to make sure the program reaches those residing even in the most secluded and marginalized areas. The Nawaya Network has been implementing the GIL program in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and the South since 2016.

The Generation of Innovation Leaders program is funded by the Government of the Netherlands, and The Andan Foundation.