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About the Program

Employment Hub is a program that aims to support financially-vulnerable, unemployed youth by upskilling them to increase their chances of finding employment. The program includes online soft skills and employability training, individual career guidance coaching, followed by a technical upskilling course based on the participant’s interest, and which includes either Project Management, Digital Marketing, or Business Intelligence.

Upon completing the program, graduates will get the opportunity to be featured on Nawaya’s Employment Portal, giving them visibility among local, regional, and international employers.

In 2023, Employment Hub will support 200 unemployed university graduates in two rounds, launching in March 2023 (100 participants) and June 2023 (100 participants).

Employment Hub is part of UNICEF Lebanon’s Generation of Innovation Leaders program, funded by the Government of the Netherlands and The Andan Foundation.

Youth supported (2021-2023)
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Of youth supported were reached post-programme (2021-2022)
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Youth reported that the program was extremely helpful in building their employability skills (2021-2022)
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Of youth felt more motivated to apply to jobs post-program (2021-2022)
Of youth were employed as of 6 months post-program (2021-2022)
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Of youth found jobs either during the program or within 3 months post-program (2021-2022)
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Of employed youth were earning their salary in USD (2021-2022)


The Beirut blast left nearly 70,000 people unemployed. Adding to this the unprecedented economic crisis and COVID19, the poverty rate has soared. With no income to pay for rent, food, or medicine, people are turning to desperate measures to survive, while crime, violence, drug use, homelessness, depression, and suicide have increased significantly.


Our employment program supports financially-disadvantaged and unemployed youth by enrolling them in employability and soft skills trainings. During the program, they are matched up with career coaches to further provide them with personal and professional guidance and support. Graduates of the program will have the opportunity be featured on Nawaya's Employment Portal to further their employment chances.

Long Term Impact

This program allows youth to focus on developing their personal and professional skills during a period of intense financial crisis, where they will be given a chance to feel productive and dignified again. The skills they learn will be essential to help them secure long-term employment. After the completion of the program, Nawaya, helps connect youth to local and remote employment and income-generating opportunities.

Target Beneficiaries

Program Partners

Employment Hub is powered by UNICEF Lebanon’s Generation of Innovation Leaders program, funded by the Government of the Netherlands and The Andan Foundation.