About the Program

Tafawoq is a holistic four-year development program, in partnership with Swiss Contact. The program aims at reviving the local economy in Beirut following the Beirut explosions through four key pillars:

Business Support Center: Located in the heart of Beirut, the business support center provides micro and small enterprises with human resources, accounting, marketing, social media, and other business services. The center acts as a hub for experts from various business backgrounds to support micro and small enterprises.

Business Solution: The Naam online platform, provides a reliable, quality-centric, and easy to use online portal for micro and small enterprises to access new markets.

Business Training: Micro and small enterprises part of the Tafawoq program will have access to soft skills and other business training to elevate their skills and give them an edge to compete in the market.

Employment Office: The employment office aims at building the capacities of youth from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in Beirut and Mount Lebanon through one-on-one career coaching, and apprenticeship. Lastly, the Employment Office works to connect and match beneficiaries from the program with work opportunities provided by the micro and small enterprises looking for employees or workers.

Program Partner

The Tafawoq Program is implemented with the support of Swiss Contact.