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Five Lebanese Enterprises to Support Now

What  better way to support the local economy than by buying from talented small and medium businesses in Lebanon? Here is Nawaya’s guide to five Lebanese small and medium businesses that will make you proud to be Lebanese.

Little Melly

Little Melly Solids

If you are a busy parent, finding the time for healthy meal preparation for your baby can be a challenge. When resorting to commercial baby food brands is not an option, Little Melly Solids can be the perfect solution for you! Little Melly Solids boasts a range of seasonal, organic, and healthy meals that support your baby’s health and growth. Check the product labels for allergy considerations should your precious baby have any.

Little Melly Solids also offer nutrition courses to support parents providing a holistic approach to babies’ health.

Caution: Their website might cause a baby fever!

Pure Farms

Pure Farms

Pure Farms is your go-to store if you are looking for homemade Lebanese traditional “moune” or organic honey with absolutely no added sugar.

Pure Farms founder Marcel insists on quality, organic, chemical-free products maximizing the health benefits of his products.

Order through Instagram DM or by WhatsApp on +961 3 983 571.

Annine Fadiye

Annine Fadye

A one of a kind initiative, Annine Fadye, provides a solution for unused glass. They recycle old glass and turn it into accessories, jars, vases, and many more beautiful handmade items! 

Buying from Annine Fadye will help the economy and the environment at the same time! 

Check their tasteful collection on Instagram.

Art Cages

Art Cages

On a mission to create awareness goods, Art Cages upcycle bird cages into beautiful light fixtures or decorative items with a twist.

Ruba, the founder, sheds the light, through her products, on the importance of mindfulness and how to set ourselves free from our inner cages that represent our mistakes, traumas and everything that keeps us up at night.

Liberty over Captivity, order now!

Little Prince Chiffon Cakes

Little Prince Chiffon Cakes

Looking for the perfect chiffon cake? Khaled’s got you covered!

Khaled was one of the very first bakers to make and sell chiffon cakes in Lebanon. Not only are the cakes super fluffy and flavorful, but they also come with customized, simple yet incredible designs.

Check our Khaled’s cakes here and make sure you order one next time you have an upcoming event. Better yet, order one anyway, you deserve it!

Apart from their shared passion for what they do, these five enterprises are a part of the Generation of Innovation Leaders program, in the Entrepreneurship track.

If you are between 18 and 24 years old, and live in Beirut, Mount Lebanon, or the South, pre-register for 2023 by clicking here.