by Jinane and Fares

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Jinane and Fares have a lot in common, they live in the same area, they graduated from the same university, and share the same passion for music.

Together, they started Jive, a local cafe, themed around vinyl records, vintage decor, and a disco ball! 

Jive quickly became a local favorite  with its signature drinks, good mood, and competitive prices.

Then came the pandemic, and a suffocating economic crisis which made it quite challenging for Jive to operate.

Jinane and Fares applied to the Generation of Innovation Leaders’ small enterprises support initiative in 2021. They were lacking essential equipment and were unable to cover the cost due to the inflation rates.

The funding received helped them buy essential equipment to  streamline every day preparations and focus on better serving their clients. 

As a result, their sales increased from an average of 1 item purchased per person to 1.5, and that made it possible for them to increase their staff's salaries.

The professional citrus juicer and the industrial blender helped them get orders out faster and optimize the results.

And the professional popcorn machine put a huge smile on their clients’ faces due to the inviting and homely smell and taste, it also reduced kernel waste caused by burning the kernels. 

Having their own  freezers helped reduce costs and enabled them to get the best quality ice at a great price.

On a broader scale,  Jinane and Fares were able to plan on expanding their services by moving Jive to a new location in the city where they plan on using the rest of the equipment to start a full kitchen.

This will help in increasing sales, and will allow them to hire new people.