by Nariman Salloum

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Boema by Nariman Salloum

With a background in cosmetics and organic material, Nariman started her small enterprise Boema by Nariman to bring the best of nature into the homes of her clients.

Boema by Nariman is a collection of botanical soy candles and melts, in a variety of scents. The products are embellished with pressed seasonal flowers and packaged in recycled glass jars to preserve nature.

Nariman had been operating her small business for eighteen months prior to joining the GIL support initiative for small enterprises.

Like many small businesses, and given the economic crisis, COVID19, power outages, and the lack of basic utilities, Nariman had been struggling to keep her business afloat.

Through the funding received from the GIL program, Nariman was able to secure the raw material she uses in her creations, thus ensuring the continuity of production, and more importantly, consistency in quality.

“Some of the materials I use are somewhat scarce, it usually takes a long time to source them. Being able to buy in bulk has helped me focus on the creation process, as well as the organization and launch of new collections,” says Nariman.

With product prices fluctuating wildly on the local market, using the funds to buy the supplies in bulk has helped Nariman maintain consistency when it comes to pricing her finished products, which in turn has helped her cement credibility and trust with clients.

Today and thanks to the funding, Nariman has hired one person and expanded her business by offering more products to her clientele.