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Teabah by Boushra Hassanieh

Meet Boushra Hassanieh, the founder of Teabah, a locally farmed and produced natural tea line, inspired by the mountains of the Chouf.

Boushra launched her tea line in 2019. 

In 2020, Lebanon has suffered from a series of crises leading to  incredible instability; the worst economic collapse in modern history, COVID19 and its repercussions, the tragic Beirut blasts, and an increasing number of people leaving the country in search of some sense of normalcy and safety.

Where many saw challenges in 2020, Boushra saw opportunities, on a personal level, and like most of us here in Lebanon, Boushra has gone through ups and downs throughout the year. 

Yet she kept going, with one goal in mind, growing Teabah and supporting a vast network of women from her village financially. 

This was the start of  Boushra’s journey enlisting the women’s services in harvesting and making tea blends for Teabah. 

At just 23, Boushra understood that by lifting others up  would inspire and motivate her to keep going, even through the darkest of times.

In 2020, Boushra managed to renovate her workshop, start selling her products online on Instagram, participate in various accelerators and competitions, and last but not least, place her tea in key shops across the country.

Today, Teabah celebrates 2 years, and now sells her tea blends in Lebanon and across the GCC. 

What are you waiting for? Get yours at www.teabah.me.