Scale Hub Program

Scale Hub

About the Program

Launching a start-up and trying to expand it, is a challenge on its own. Let alone doing so in the middle of an economic crisis similar to the one Lebanon has been facing for the past 3 years.

That’s where the Scale Hub program comes in. Scale Hub aims to support 20 start-ups in Lebanon that have been operating from 1 to 5 years, and that focus mainly on the green, technology, or social sectors.

Start-ups participating in the Scale Hub program will undergo a three-months coaching period where they will be provided with a thorough assessment of their business model to identify gaps and weaknesses then further strengthen the business model via personalized coaching. In addition to the technical support, participants will be offered funding disbursements for the needed supplies to achieve their business goals and expand.

By the end of 2023, our target is to turn these 20 participating startups into 20 advanced businesses with clear business models, a stronger financial sustainability plan to increase their revenue, and equipping them with the right technical skills that allow them to grow in the Finance, Pricing, Marketing, and Customer Service fields. 

The Scale Hub program is funded by the European Union and in collaboration with The Nawaya Network and Spark.

Enterprises supported (2023)
0 %
Of enterprises launched or supported are female-led (2023)
Participants supported with the coaching and training (2023)
0 %
Of participants supported with coaching and training are females (2023)
0 %
Of all participants completed coaching and training (2023)

Desired Outcomes


By the end of the program, we aim for the 20 participating start-ups to:

  • Advance their business models 
  • Build a stronger financial sustainability plan 
  • Increase their revenue
  • Be equipped with the right technical skills that allows them to grow financially and operationally
  • Access new markets
  • Enhance the visibility of the startups in the entrepreneurship ecosystem

Through Scale Hub, we work to support the growth of start-ups:

  • That are led by both females and males 
  • Whose founders are from all nationalities

Program Benefits


The 20 participating start-ups will benefit from the following:

  • Assessment of the start-up’s business model, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, revenue model 
  • One on one business coaching
  • Capacity building tailored training
  • Transparent funding disbursement through a procurement system

Selection Criteria

To qualify for the Scale Hub program, start-ups should meet the following criteria:

  • The founder/s should be 18 years old  and above
  • Start-ups should address green or tech issues or be social enterprises with a focus on innovation
  • Start-ups should be ready to grow its operations and revenue
  • Start-ups should have been operational for at least 1 to 5 years as a maximum
  • Start-ups should be willing or have plans to register legally


Program Partners

Scale Hub program is a program funded by the European Union and implemented by Spark in partnership with The Nawaya Network.