2023 Applications Closed

About the Scale Hub Program

Scale Hub is a program funded by the European Union and implemented by The Nawaya Network in partnership with Spark. This document will serve as an application form for start-ups interested to participate in the Scale Hub program.



Start-ups participating in the Scale Hub program should be willing to commit to a three-month intensive coaching period during which they will be provided with a thorough assessment of their business model to identify gaps and weaknesses then further strengthen the business model via personalized training.


In addition to the business support provided through coaching and training, selected startups will be receiving funding disbursements to achieve their business goals and scale up.

About the Application

Please review the below information carefully before moving forward.

After you complete this application form, (including uploading your pitch deck),  Nawaya’s Program Coordinator will go through the screening process to determine which applicants fit the Program Criteria.


Candidates who fit the criteria will then move on to be interviewed by a jury.


Please note that we do not offer funding in terms of cash but rather we purchase the supplies needed for your business through our procurement management system for a maximum amount of $4,000.


If you have been selected by the jury (congratulations!), you will then be invited to fill out the 2023 Nawaya Registration Form which will be added into Nawaya’s data management system. Your information will be kept confidential at all times



Good luck!

Note: Applications missing the pitch deck will be disqualified so please make sure to have your pitch deck ready on the same device you are using to fill this application form.

Program Partners

Scale Hub program is a program funded by the European Union and implemented by Spark in partnership with The Nawaya Network.