Ramy's Ecological Farm: A Shining Example of Sustainable Agriculture

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Ramy Bawadi is a young farmer from Lebanon who is on a mission to promote sustainable agriculture. He founded Ramy’s Ecological Farm in 2019 with the goal of providing organic produce and educational experiences to visitors.

Ramy’s farm is located in Batloun, a region that is known for its fertile soil and beautiful scenery. The farm is certified organic, which means that it is free of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Ramy uses a variety of sustainable farming practices, such as crop rotation, composting, and rainwater harvesting.

In addition to providing organic produce, Ramy also offers educational experiences to visitors. He hosts school field trips, workshops, and camping trips. He also offers tours of the farm and talks about his sustainable farming practices.

Ramy’s Ecological Farm is a shining example of how sustainable agriculture can benefit the environment, the local community, and the economy. The farm helps to protect the soil, water, and air. It also provides jobs for local people and helps to boost the local economy.

Ramy is a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture. He believes that it is the best way to ensure a healthy future for our planet. He is an inspiration to other farmers and young people who are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.

Fresh strawberries from Ramy's farm.
Fresh strawberries from Ramy's Ecological Farm.

Ramy's Journey With the Scale Hub Program:

Ramy’s Ecological Farm has benefited from the support of the SCALE HUB program, implemented by The Nawaya Network in collaboration with Spark and funding from the European Union, The program supports the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in the social, tech, and green sectors.

SCALE HUB has provided Ramy with training and resources to help him grow his business. It has also helped him to access funding that has allowed him to purchase new equipment and improve his farming techniques.

With the support of SCALE HUB, Ramy’s Ecological Farm has grown significantly. The farm now produces more organic produce and offers more educational experiences to visitors.

Ramy is grateful for the support of SCALE HUB. He believes that the program has helped him to achieve his goals and make a positive impact on the world. 

Ramy's vertical farm.
Ramy's vertical farm: A new farming technique that was introduced through the support of the SCALE HUB program,

How You Can Help:

You can help Ramy’s Ecological Farm by visiting the farm, purchasing their organic produce, or donating to the SCALE HUB program. Your support will help Ramy to continue his work of promoting sustainable agriculture.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Visit Ramy’s Ecological Farm and learn about sustainable agriculture.

  • Purchase organic produce from Ramy’s Ecological Farm.

  • Donate to the SCALE HUB program to help support other sustainable businesses.

Your support will help Ramy to continue his work of promoting sustainable agriculture and making a positive impact on the world.

You can find at Ramy’s farm, homemade mouneh that varies between: labneh, zaatar, tomato paste, jam and fresh eggs.


As for the touristic services, you can contact Ramy at: +961 71 683 605 and book a full tour in Ramy’s farm where you can experience the full farmer life.


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