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Pure Farms, a thriving Lebanese start-up, has proven itself in the world of agriculture.

Founded by Marcel Joe Hoayek, this innovative venture offers a wide range of homemade mouneh, including  jams, olives, labneh, makdous, honey, and many other organic Lebanese products. What sets Pure Farms apart is not just its commitment to providing high-quality, organic products, but also its profound impact on local communities and the environment.


Marcel Joe’s dedication to quality and sustainability has led to  partnerships with Lebanese restaurants that actively seek out his organic products. The recognition and demand from these collaborations have allowed Pure Farms to secure its position as a leading provider of wholesome, locally sourced delights.

Fresh and organic mouneh from Pure Farms.
Fresh and organic mouneh from Pure Farms.

Moreover, with its extensive product line boasting over 60 organic products, Pure Farms showcases its expertise in crafting exceptional goods. However, it is in the realm of organic honey that Pure Farms truly excels. Marcel’s passion for beekeeping and honey production shines through in the superior quality of his honey, which has become the foundation of the brand. Pure Farms’ organic honey resonates with health-conscious consumers who seek natural alternatives and the authentic flavors of the Lebanese countryside.

And since Marcel is a strong believer in giving back to his community, he has decided to share his expertise with young farmers by creating a specialized educational program for them. The “Sponsor Your Own Beehive” program supports novice bee keepers by caring for their beehives. This initiative not only provides vital resources and training to aspiring bee keepers but also fosters the growth of sustainable beekeeping practices which in return maintains our fragile ecosystem. 

Pure Farms offer for you more than 16 types of organic honey.

Introducing Vertical Farming With the Support of SCALE HUB:

By participating in the SCALE HUB program, Marcel Joe unlocked a world of possibilities for his agricultural enterprise. Through SCALE HUB’s support, Pure Farms underwent a transformative journey that revolutionized its farming practices by  introducing vertical farming techniques.


One of the key benefits of the SCALE HUB program was its provision of invaluable resources and expertise to help Marcel refine his business strategy. With a keen focus on understanding the target audience and analyzing market dynamics, Pure Farms was able to identify the precise needs and preferences of its customers. Armed with this knowledge, Marcel streamlined his product range to specialize in 15 key items that resonated most with his clients.


In addition to that, Marcel Joe used the knowledge, guidance and funding  provided by the SCALE HUB program in introducing vertical farming to his farm which would enhance his production capacity and in return increase his production rate. The adoption of vertical farming not only boosted productivity but also reinforced Pure Farms’ commitment to sustainability. By minimizing land footprint and reducing water usage, this cutting-edge approach to agriculture aligns perfectly with Marcel’s vision of cultivating organic products while minimizing environmental impact.


Through his commitment to quality, collaboration, and innovation, Marcel has  created a haven of mouthwatering organic produce that not only nourishes the body but also nurtures the environment. Make sure to support Marcel in his green journey by trying his delicious products, order now: 03 983 571

SCALE HUB is part of the “From Innovation to Creation” program that is funded by the European Union in collaboration with The Nawaya Network and SPARK organization. 

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