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Naimeh’s Job Success: How The Employment Hub Program Helped Her Land Her Dream Job

A Twenty-Four-Year-Old Recent Graduate's Success Story: How The Employment Hub Program Enabled Naimeh Awad to Pursue Her Dream Job in Nutrition and Dietetics

Naimeh Awad is a twenty-four year old recent graduate from Notre Dame University with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. 


She had just completed her internships and was searching for a job when she saw an announcement about the Employment Hub program on a WhatsApp group for the university. 


Naimeh was grateful for the chance to join the program, as it allowed her to improve her communication skills, form a network of fellow dieticians, and receive training for job interviews. 


Through her network, Naimeh heard about a job opportunity that she was excited to be offered an interview for.


She had already done the training with The Nawaya Network, and she had a strong cover letter and CV. She was also able to demonstrate her knowledge and experience from the various internships she had completed since graduating. 


Naimeh was delighted when she was offered the job.

I was prepared for the job thanks to the Employment Hub program and Nawaya. Without it, I surely wouldn’t have gotten the job!
Naimeh Awad, Employment Hub Program Youth.
Naimeh Awad
BA in Nutrition & Dietetics

Naimeh believes that without the help of the Employment Hub program, she wouldn’t have been successful in landing the job. 


Now that she has a job, she is able to use her degree and knowledge to help others. She is able to provide advice and support to people who need it, and she is thankful for the chance to make a difference. 

The Employment Hub program was an invaluable opportunity for Naimeh, and she would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a job. It gave her the confidence to go for her dream job and to pursue her passion. She will always be grateful for the support she received and the chance to make a difference.

Interested in joining the Employment Hub program?


Check the criteria and apply before the end of June 2023.

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