El Rahi, An inspiring story of success.

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 El Rahi, An Inspiring Story of Success.

How resilience and motivation lead to success.

It is, without a doubt, difficult to be born and raised in rural areas, specifically due to the poor economic cycle and the limited access to resources. But such difficulties were not an issue for Georges Al Rahi. 

Georges was born into a family that owns livestock, including a couple of goats which they used to produce the necessary food supplies, specifically ghee. His parents were extremely experienced in the creation of ghee, so Georges started learning about the process at a young age. They used to create their own supply and then sell the rest to their close friends and family.

But the crisis that Lebanon is “still” going through was devastating for Georges and his family. Although the physical work that is necessary for creating ghee is very heavy, customers are now facing a financial challenge limiting their ability to purchase the product. As a consequence, some people decided to remove it from their dietary plans.

Decreasing the price of the product was not very easy, so Georges was focused on improving his business strategy, and this is when he met The Nawaya Network! All that Georges required was an understanding of the basic “business” concepts related to marketing, finance, CRM, and selling. He successfully and actively attended training and coaching sessions provided by the business coaches at The Nawaya Network.

Then, he started reflecting on how to improve his business operations through the purchase of a machine that would facilitate his work and make It more streamlined and efficient in the long term. After The Nawaya Network purchased a manufacturing machine, Georges managed to boost his performance and diversified his products-line to include products such as labneh, ghee, and shankleesh.

But buying the machine was not the only solution needed to sustain the business; Georges still needed to enhance his marketing strategy and expand its visibility which he managed to do with direct support from his coach. The Nawaya Network also supported Georges’ participation in multiple events and activities where he was able to sell his products in Beirut, hence growing his audience and expanding his business reach.

His products are known for their high quality, specifically since he does not mix nor dilute them with other products, so when you buy one of his products, you get a 100% natural product that is based on traditional recipes. In the beginning, Georges was creating, on average, 10-15 Kg of produce in one season.

Today, and after the support of The Nawaya Network, he is producing upward of 200 Kgs of products. Georges can never do this tremendous job by himself, specifically during the high season when he usually utilizes the support of more employees hence creating job opportunities in a weak market.

Georges aims to grow even more in the Lebanese market. He already has plans to open a small shop in the Matn area and is consistently looking for events to participate in. 

Next time you are in the market for authentic products, keep an eye out for the brand El Rahi Ghee!

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