Breaking New Grounds: Ali and Samer's Journey With Loop Tire Recycling

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Breaking New Grounds: Ali and Samer's Journey with Loop Tire Recycling

After 45 years of friendship, Ali Wehbe and Samer Ghandour set out on a mission to tackle the environmental peril of burning used tires in Lebanon. Combining their shared passion for a better future and their business acumen, the duo launched their green start-up, Loop Tire Recycling, in 2021.


The goal of Loop Tire Recycling is to collect and repurpose discarded tires rather than have them burned–a process that pollutes our air with hazardous toxins and chemicals. 


By gathering used tires from locations across Lebanon, the two entrepreneurs then recycle them into various rubber products to be sold to Lebanese factories. With their manufacturing process, they can extract metals contained within the tires, as well as cut each tire into smaller pieces ready for conversion to rubber. In their factories, the products created from recycled rubber include playground equipment, car accessories, road safety tools, footwear, sports equipment, and many more.


Ali giving directions for one of his employees
Ali Wehbe guiding one of his employees during the recycling process.

Joining Forces with SCALE HUB Yields Astonishing Results:

With the much-needed support from the European Union-funded SCALE HUB program, Ali and Samer achieved remarkable success in their green start-up mission. The program provided financial aid to the start-up, enabling the entrepreneurs to proceed with the installation of solar energy to secure a steady and reliable electricity source, regardless of the national energy crisis. This shift to renewable energy allowed the pair to make the most of their eight-hour shift in the factory, ultimately increasing their productivity and expanding their business. 


On top of the financial assistance, the program also provided Ali and Samer access with in-depth training sessions. Here, they obtained the understanding, knowledge, and know-how required to develop their company and venture further into the digital realm. Accordingly, the duo could hone their skills in digital marketing, with plans to design a website for Loop Tire Recycling in the near future.

Future Growth and How You Can Help:

At present, Ali and Samer are in the process of expanding their business to cover different areas in Lebanon. In the meantime, you can play your part in their mission by donating your old tires or purchasing their recycled products. 

To do so, simply get in touch at +961 81 918 908 and be part of the green start-up movement. Together, let’s join forces and pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Old tires after separating the tires from them.
Cutting the old tires into halves to extract the wires from them.

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