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Snack Al Ayoub
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Join us as we journey South to Jdeidet Marjeyoun where 25-year-old Jiryes shares his passion for food but more importantly his love for his hometown.
Growing up Jiryes quickly realized that youth his age were leaving Marjeyoun for the cities or even immigrating to work in other countries.
Employment opportunities were scarce, if any, and were limited to agriculture and other labor work.
Being ambitious, he started a food kiosk, which he has now managed to transform into quality Lebanese fast-food and sandwiches with support from Nawaya and GIL.
Jiryes aspires to make an impact in his hometown by growing his business and creating jobs but more importantly, showing youth like him from neighboring towns that Marjeyoun can be a destination for them to visit and enjoy.
Snack Al Ayoub was launched through UNICEF Lebanon's GIL - Generation of Innovation Leaders entrepreneurship program, funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon and The Andan Foundation.
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