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Nineteen-year-old Nour, from Nabatieh, is an undergraduate of early child development and learning and psychology, yet her talent and passion for the arts shine through, She started experimenting with drawing and painting at a very young age, an area she'd excel at in school, A bit later on, she started experimenting with chocolate making and decoration.
Nour joined the Generation of Innovation Leaders, GIL, program in 2019, but did not expect to turn her favorite hobby, chocolate-making, into a lucrative venture, She credits the program for learning how to set prices for her products and services, defining her profit margin, marketing as well as networking opportunities, shared experiences, and expert advice.
No matter the circumstances, challenge them, you only live once, be strong!
- Nour, 19 years old, Nabatieh.
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Having grown up in a supportive family environment, and having lost her father recently, Nour stopped working on her project for a while, "He was a pillar in my life," Nour says "but I intend to move forward with my project in honor of his memory.
" When asked about the effects of COVID19 on her micro-enterprise, Nour confesses that work is indeed slower than usual and that she's shifted to an on-demand business model, She's hopeful though because she can still focus on catering to engagements, graduations, baby showers, and other celebrations while studying.
Nour hopes to take courses on professional chocolate-making and photography in the future to better her products and market them better.
The Generation of Innovation Leaders program, GIL, is powered by UNICEF Lebanon, and funded by the Government of the Netherlands and The Andan Foundation.
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