The Nawaya Network
Tafawoq is a four year program that aims at growing the local economy in Beirut by providing some job opportunities to youth post-coaching sessions and enhancing the business skills of various MSEs to improve their viability. The first phase of the Program is called "Coaching - Youth Employability Skills ( YES) that aims to engage youths from disadvantaged backgrounds, who struggle in the school-work transition process due to the lack of school qualifications, access to finance, and social discrimination, in individualized coaching to build up general life-skills, social competencies, and problem-solving skills. The second phase is called the Business HUB , that focuses on supporting MSEs by building their business skills and capacities through business development training workshops, The first part of MSEs that the project focuses on is the reconstruction industry and by identifying the MSEs that would be engaged in the restoration projects of the damaged houses post Beirut Blast.