The Nawaya Network
In 2009, a 14-year-old girl named Nadeen, living in a remote village in Lebanon, approached Nawaya's future founder, Zeina, and began showing her sketches of dresses she had drawn. Nadeen's designs really impressed her, and made her realize that hidden talents and potential exist in even the most marginalized youth - they just needed access to the right resources to thrive. Because of this serendipitous encounter, Nawaya was established three years later, and Zeina went back to find her to enroll her in a fashion school in Beirut. Nadeen graduated in 2016 and is now a talented designer with a promising path ahead of her, while Nawaya continues to empower thousands of others like her through various programs focused on developing the talents and skills of marginalized youth across Lebanon.
The Nawaya Network works with youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their livelihoods through entrepreneurship and employability programs.
Our vision is to empower youth in Lebanon by providing them with livelihood improvement opportunities to help them reach their full potential.