Omar Bakbouk is a Syrian Theatre and philosophy graduate. When he moved to Lebanon a few years back, he came up with a community initiative called: Hakwati.

This initiative involves psychodrama workshops in refugee camps and schools with a twist. With Omar’s experience in theater and his wife Nour’s artistry and skill in costume design, they aim to visit public schools and refugee camps alongside acting organizations, identify and recruit talented actors and match them with trainers who help hone their acting skills.

Omar then writes a play while Nour designs the costumes, which talented youth and children enact to audiences in return for a fee.

Funds raised online reach up to $500 per project while UNICEF covers the remaining amount up to $1,500 for youth to pilot their projects. Viable projects will be selected by a panel of experts and will proceed to receive further coaching, mentorship, and funding upon successful completion of their pilot initiative.

100% of your donations will go towards funding the project or team of your choice.


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