Ali’s business idea is a wood furniture manufacturing sawmill targeting the lower income class who cannot afford high market prices.

The furniture created will save space and cost by offering multiple functionalities for each piece and focusing on direct-to-consumer distribution.

Ali’s business will also offer restoration and refurbishing services.

Funds raised online reach up to $500 per project while UNICEF covers the remaining amount up to $1,500 for youth to pilot their projects. Viable projects will be selected by a panel of experts and will proceed to receive further coaching, mentorship, and funding upon successful completion of their pilot initiative.

$500.00 raised, $0 to go

100% of your donations will go towards funding the project or team of your choice.


مطبخ اللاجئات

This small business project idea is a homemade catering which empowers refugee women in Lebanon.
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Smart Tab

Yasser recognizes the importance of smart phones & tablets in everyday life & wants to offer children ages 4-6 years old the opportunity to learn through play through his project.
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All Natural Recycled Soap

Mohammad would like to collect soap waste from factories, remodel it into reusable soap bars or even decorative and fragrant pieces for the home.
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Al Zawaya Studio

Al Zawaya Studio is a film documentary and drama production studio in the Burj Al Barajneh refugee camp.
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Tell a Tale

This project comes from a group of psychology students and aims at entertaining and improving the mental health of retirees.
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Suleiman wants to upcycle used car tires and other rubber waste into durable, affordable and fashionable footwear.
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Life Under The Bridge

This youth team want to create a folding chair, storage and tent for homeless people to provide them with basic shelter, protection and privacy needs.
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Wala Atyab

"Wala Atyab" is a homemade food delivery service for everyone who likes to eat this type of food.
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"Baytouti" is a project created by two sisters in the Madine Riyadiye area in Beer Hassan, Beirut.
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Beit Now

"Beit Now" is a digital platform which connects landlords to tenants and facilitates the search for a new home based on each tenant's budget and requirements.
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Wireless Electricity

This project was born out of the need for safe electrical supply to homes and businesses in Beer Hassan, Beirut, behind the sports stadium.
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Mfak Baraghe

"Mfak Baraghi", or "Screw Driver" in English, is a small enterprise which provides a team of experienced workers for fast and reliable maintenance and refurbishment services.
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Wa Yabka Al Amal

Wa Yabka Al Amal is a Facebook page which sheds light on elderly refugee stories and life experiences to draw wisdom, hope and lessons from. The contents will be published into a book.
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Tarwi is a water filtering initiative in the Chiah area in Lebanon. The project aims at putting an affordable and advanced water filtering system in place to provide clean drinking and tap water to the residents of the area.
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Karroussa is a theatrical production which includes refugee and non-refugee cast and crew.
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Hiya Adam

A project aimed at promoting gender equality and empowering women by offering phone hardware and software training and helping women secure jobs.
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Photo Studio by Women For Women

Ranin’s photography studio will provide photography services for women by women in a conservative area where privacy and safety are key.
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