There are many natural soap factories in Lebanon, most of which use locally grown olives to manufacture all natural soap. Like all other factories, these usually generate a lot of soap scraps which are disposed of by burying them untreated. This causes the release of several toxic matters into the ground, of which, grease, oils and other compounds which cause heavy pollution.

To solve this problem, Mohammad, a young refugee youth would like to collect this soap waste from factories in his area, remodel it into reusable soap bars or even decorative and fragrant pieces for the home.

He proposes to do so with the help of unemployed refugees in his area who can work from the comfort of their homes.

Funds raised online reach up to $500 per project while UNICEF covers the remaining amount up to $1,500 for youth to pilot their projects. Viable projects will be selected by a panel of experts and will proceed to receive further coaching, mentorship, and funding upon successful completion of their pilot initiative.

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